2018 rewind

I know I am a little late to the party but as 2018 has come and gone I thought I would take a few minutes to reflect on the massive change 2018 has brought to my life. This may be a post veering away from the usual fashion/lifestyle posts so bear with me (or skim through to the parts where fashion comes up, it will I promise). I've said it before and I'll say it again for myself 2018 felt like it was 2 separate years, part 1 & 2, am I right?? I cannot say I am not ready for 2019 to be a tad bit easier however 2018 is truly a year that has forever changed my world (in the BEST way). Let's do this . . . 

2018 REWIND 

JANUARY - Let's see . . . by January everyone had been told we were expecting our little bundle of baby joy (yay) and on top of that Christopher was turning 30. That's right, thirty years OLD - He's two weeks away from thirty-one as I write this, yikes - anyways ... Since I am the best wife (kidding, not kidding?) I threw the old guy a surprise party that was to my relief actually a surprise. Celebrating the people I love is one of my very favourite things to do so this was an extra special one! 

(old man Chris turns 30, I'm wearing a romper and giant GF sweater, 2019 January is looking very similar HA) 

FEBRUARY/ MARCH - Time was going by so quickly and so slowly all at once. February was so exciting for us. We found out, in front of all our friends and family, that we were have a baby BOY. See photo for Chris's very calm reaction (HA). Anyone else have a reveal party? We love love loved ours, definite highlight! I will say after the 20 week mark my real appreciation for Smash + Tess rompers started. Honest to goodness there is no better outfit for a growing baby belly than these rompers. Getting a little ahead of myself here but the 2019 spring collection is LIT. YASSS girl!  

(this picture brings me so much joy, I remember this moment like it was yesterday and I hope I never forget it . . . IT'S A BOY!) 

APRIL - April is of course a month I always enjoy, after all it is my birthday MONTH. However this April started out a little differently. Unfortunately as we were getting away on a trip to Florida we received the very sad news that Chris' grandfather had passed away just months before he would have met his great grandson. This however sparked a wonderful tribute that we both were thrilled to add into our son's name. Beau Gregory WALTER Darling. 

(throw back to baby bumping in the sun just before my birthday, who's ready for MINKPINK bikini's, throws and new QUAY shades  -- I AM -- also miss when I had the baby to blame for my belly lol) 

MAY - This month started off on a very different note than it ended . . . if you follow my personal account (or business one really) you know what happened in May. But let's revisit it, shall we . . . At the beginning of this month I could have never imagined how it would end. We had a beautiful baby shower celebrating baby boy, all our lovely friends and family were there and SPOILED him rotten. We spent the early weeks getting everything set for baby (room, washing clothes, blah blah blah) BECAUSE we were going to Italy May 27th. Fast forward. May 26th 8am pack the car, all set for Italy the next day but more importantly ready for one of my dearest friends weddings that evening. A few errands to run in town and we were heading to the big city . . . WRONG. by 8:30am I was being rushed to the hospital by my poor husband. Before 2pm we would be become parents and miss not only a wedding but a trip to Italy, and you know what? I wouldn't change it for the world. This month definitely changed us (to say the least). 

(not much I can say here except this is where everything changed, where everything became so much better, SO MUCH LOVE) 

JUNE /JULY/ AUGUST - The summer was filled with newborn nights, early mornings and thankfully many days on the dock. Such a blur of a summer but also the best one ever all at once. Y'all were thankfully as obsessed with high rise mom jeans as we were so that helped on the fashion front (added a new jean line to the shop for this spring in August, you guys are going to LOVE it). 

(the summer was filled with ice creams bigger than the baby and so many new Muskoka sweats - new ones coming soon y'all - also praise the lord for high rise shorts!) 

SEPTEMBER/ OCTOBER/ NOVEMBER - Oh fall, what a wonderful time of year. Unfortunately it felt almost like we went from summer to winter, but I digress . . . Despite the weather's quick change fall does happen to be the best time of year for fashion (or at least it feels like that when the big cozy knits show up and you get use them to hide your thanksgiving dinner food baby, am I right?). This year was no exception. We had some fun with photoshoots during these months, made some serious business decisions that we are still playing with for this year (STAY TUNED, more online goodness will be hitting you in the face SOON). Baby Beau also had his first Halloween (skeleton cutie, and turned 6 months old, what a stud). 

(kid knows how to steal the show, his first wedding and he crushed it. OH and my PIPERWEST watch is the best accessory for everything and ladies we have tons coming back into stock, yippee!) 

DECEMEBER  -  Our first holiday season as a family, so much perfection. There is something special about the days getting shorter, the snow falling and all the holiday lights adorning the town. This year it was extra special. Sharing Beau's first christmas with our family and friends was nothin short of wonderful and it certainly gave us a minute to reflect on how grateful we were for the entire year as a whole. 

(it wouldn't have been christmas without matching PJs, Santa visits, and of course living in our Brunette the Label sweats!) 

2018 was a transformative year both personally and professionally. 2019 holds a lot of hope and excitement and at the same time a lot of unknowns. I am looking forward to bringing you along on this journey of fashion, family and everything in between. Happy 2019 my babes, lets crush it!  

P.S. --- Just going to leave this little image here because although my little baby boy is starting to look more like his dad (ugh I know), he was in fact my twin for a little bit and I just don't want y'all to forget that. OHKAY, that's all. peace out 2018.

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