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I have created a new, personal blog that you can find all things fashion, lifestyle and motherhood at. Follow the link below and join me over on my little slice of the internet <3

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The Muskoka Babe Style Clinic - by Belle's Boutique

SUNDAY APRIL 5, 2020 at Belle's Boutique 12-4PM In case you haven't heard we are launching our first ever style clinic and we just cannot wait! This style driven event is featuring the amazing Susan Elstob of Isla Pearl Life. An intimate conversation with Susan surrounding fashion, personal style, and of course her top style tips & tricks for babes of all ages, shapes, sizes … well you get it is going to be happening during this amazing event. OH and in case that wasn’t enough Susan will be around for the entire event to offer one on one styling tips all while answering your burning fashion questions. She will help guide you with styles, colours and trends that best suit...

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Hey babes! We don't normally add this to the "blog" posts but we are pretty darn excited for this upcoming giveaway and we want to make sure you have all the dets and the best change to win! This holiday season we want to make sure our belle's babes feel the love and know just how special y'all are to us!  Firstly, we have partnered with some of our favourite brands to bring you some of their top picks of the season as well as some classic favs (can we say hi Kim backpack from Pixie Mood, literally everyones favourite bag forever and ever). We also wanted to try our best to have some variety in this giveaway as it...

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LEOPARD - the new neutral.

K guys, unless you have been living under a rock you have been bombarded with leopard print EVERYTHING. There are sweaters, dresses, skirts, cardigans, scrunchies ... you name it and everything possible is being made in leopard print and honestly we are here for it! (and we hope you are too!)  Firstly I would like to apologize that this is the most "mom" post ever, my child is literally running through every photo, paw patrol is on in the background, and I feel totally fine about it ... Anyways I have put together a little collection and try on haul of all our current leopard favs. We know sometimes people aren't sure when and how to wear all this animal...

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For the Mama's

Before becoming a mother I have to say there were some biases I heard regularly that I completely bought into but my god was I wrong.  Becoming a mother has fundamentally changed not only what I care about but what I see as important in all aspects of my life. It has also opened my eyes to the insane expectations that are placed on new mom's not only by society but by ourselves as mothers too. Dude I am here to say you actually cannot do it all (I've tried, trust me) AND THAT IS OKAY!  The thought of having to go right back to work after giving birth now makes me feel physically ill. Yes Canada has a wonderful...

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