For the Mama's

Before becoming a mother I have to say there were some biases I heard regularly that I completely bought into but my god was I wrong. 

Becoming a mother has fundamentally changed not only what I care about but what I see as important in all aspects of my life. It has also opened my eyes to the insane expectations that are placed on new mom's not only by society but by ourselves as mothers too. Dude I am here to say you actually cannot do it all (I've tried, trust me) AND THAT IS OKAY! 

The thought of having to go right back to work after giving birth now makes me feel physically ill. Yes Canada has a wonderful maternity leave in comparison to other countries (namely our neighbours to the south) but that does not means as moms we don't struggle with the thought of being a "working" mom. For those of us who are self employed, I mean my god good luck. I remember still being barely able to walk (an emergency C-section is a major surgery as I've come to learn), and going into the shop at 5am - because hey the baby is awake so why not - and redoing all the displays from 5-9am because that was a good idea for my post op mom bod trying to heal. Oh wait what about booking bridal appointments 3 weeks after my 6 week premature baby was born. Ya sure let me help you find your dream dress. Lifting this fully beaded gown feels totally fine for me, not to mention how emotional being a new mom is already. Great. What I'm trying to say is how insane it is to expect we can jump back into our old lives as if we didn't just have this tiny new human who needs us at every waking hour to survive. Looking back now I'm sad, I'm mad, I'm disappointed I didn't listen to the advice I'd received so many times before. Listen to your body, listen to how you're feeling. I didn't. And I still haven't maybe quite figured out how to do that but I'm working on it. 

(It's all about balance people! Put what is most important to you first, and if that has shifted since baby that is totally okay. You've got this!) 

Next on the list getting that body back girl. Better shape up or ship out. If you're not one of those humans who magically snaps back to your former baby body glory well look out, you better get your butt to the gym. Oh feel so exhausted you may die, tough luck, get moving. Your husband will never want to make another baby with you if you don't correct that after baby body fast, right? WRONG. The unrealistic expectations not only society puts on us but just us as general to go back to "normal" after baby is one of the most difficult struggles for a lot of new moms (including me). In case you needed another reminder, your body just made you an entirely other person and it is okay if you don't go back to how you were right away, or ever. Embrace it. 

(This mama's body has definitely changed, it is not the same. But guys, that's fine. Just means I needed a new wardrobe and really that's a win, right?) #gotitfrommymama

As Mother's Day approaches let's all remember that as Mother's (especially all my new mama babes out there) we have enough to worry about. We are here taking care of another life and that is way more important that being the same as we were before or needed to pretend everything is perfect . . . news flash, we are not the same, and thank god for that. There is nothing I would change about what the last year has brought into my life but there is no question I would change how I managed this massive change to our family. Be kind to yourself and remember to be kind to you mama's! 

Leave a little Mother's Day love or tell us what you are proud of as a mother yourself in the comments below xo 

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