Holiday Splurge

Alright ladies here is a little must have holiday splurge list that you need to either treat yo self to or add to you "need" list (trust me these aren't wants). We know there are a lot of holiday gift guides going around so we wanted to switch it up. Ain't nothing wrong with helping Santa out and wrapping a few gifts up that you've wanted to splurge on all year long or at least all season long. Here are a few of our very favourite in store treats that you're going to want to run in and snatch up before it's too late. 

 1. PIPERWEST watch 

If you follow us on instagram you know my PIPERWEST watch(es) are by far my favourite accessory. I feel legit naked without mine on. These watches are minimalist, versatile, wear-anywhere time pieces and honestly make the perfect holiday splurge for yourself (or a loved one if you're that nice). These watches are "on trend" right now but honestly they will be forever wearable so definitely worth the investment. To sweeten the deal this amazing Canadian brand also donates 5% of their sales to charity. This year they are supporting "free to be" an AHmazing, research based initiative that was created to empower young girls and boys in the hopes of creating a generation of children that instinctually know their value and worth (how awesome?!). ANYWAYS "treat yo self" to one of these stunning time pieces, you will not be disappointed! 

This is my personal fav - black face marble with gold details and black band. Available with so many different colour bands (interchangeable and plain and marble face options, oh and did I mention new mini's are in stock too!
(plain $179, marble $199) 

2. Noize winter jacket

The last few years in the shop I have done my best to phase out down jackets as unfortunately they are made at the expense of innocent birdies (they are tortured guys, do not look it up its awful, just trust us). Finally I found the BEST, WARMEST brand of winter jackets that are cruelty free, Canadian, and seriously stylish. These jackets are perfect for Muskoka (Canadian) winters, fit true to size, and are just down right cute. I really cannot say enough about them. If you are in the market for a winter jacket or just want to add a new one to your winter wardrobe these are the coats to do it with. My personal fav (below) is almost sold out in store so run don't walk! 

This may not be the best picture (my husband refused to take more than one, so this is what you get with a one picture limit - forehead smack). Anyways the jacket is the best and that is really all that matters 
$199-$299 (did we mention, we're having an outwear sale, on NOW, so these jackets are an even better deal so really how can you afford not to splurge?)

3. Smash & Tess romper 

I might be sounding like a broken record but honestly there is nothing better than slipping into a S&T romper after a long day (or just wearing one every day because #momlife). This brand is all about quality, style and comfort and man does it show. I have washed my rompers TEN THOUSAND times (at least) and they still look brand new and more importantly still feel soft as ever. If you don't have one yet (you're crazy) you need one, and if you already have one your know I am not crazy for saying time to get yourself another! OH and if you want to win child of the year get your momma one if anyone deserves to be comfortable it is her! 

Look at all the things you can do in your romper . . . Throwing a snowball at my husband for yet again my one chance only photo was definitely the most productive thing I've done all day. We are doing a fill on these beauties to arrive just before Christmas and have a few left in store now. Run in get yours now babes, I promise you won't regret it. 
$120 (any style, any size, including new holiday colour that just arrived today, YASSSSSSS!)  

Happy splurging babes xo 

Let us know in the comments below what you are wishing for this holiday season, we just so happen to have an in with Santa . . . 

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