Thanksgiving (dinner) attire

Turkey eating day is just around the corner and despite the fact I basically live in sweatsuits I've been told more than once this is not proper attire for the occasion. Something to do with offending the old folks? (kidding, but ...). ANYWAYS, I've found the perfect solution to those tight pant, holiday blahs, you can thank you later. 

I know everyone jokes they have their "turkey eating" pants but wouldn't it be more comfortable to wear no pants at all? Yes, obviously is the correct answer to this question and I've finally found the solution (and honestly it is a no brainer). Knit sweater dresses are all the rage this season and the fact is they look adorable and can be accessorized in so many ways. They can be dressed up or down, whatever the occasion and not to mention they are beyond comfy. I will also say that I have in the past had (and loved) my fair share of sweater dresses but I often found they were a bit too short - leaning over and hoping your buns don't hang out kinda short - relatable? However this season they've made styles slightly longer and of course trending oversized is where it is at and it is perfection. The perfect look to make mom happy that you didn't show up to a family function in yet another pair of ripped jeans, and the perfect look for you to indulge in all your favourite thanksgiving treats without feeling like you looked "stuffed," even though you most definitely are. So take that extra helping of mashed potatoes and enjoy more than one flavour of pie (pumpkin, pecan, apple crumble, the sky is the limit really). Shop my favourite knit dress (featured below) online now and happy eating babes! 

Dress: MINKPINK Eva oversized knit, Handbag: Pixie Mood, weekender bag (available in store and online now!) 

OH and just as an added bonus I did in fact jump into the lake in this sweet little number, so when you've had enough of grandma or a few too many glasses of vino (or both) this dress is jumping in the lake tested. You are welcome. 

Shout out to the stranger who's boat I used to climb back out of the lake, I would still be in there if it wasn't for you. 

What are you guys wearing to thanksgiving dinner? And more importantly what is your favourite thanksgiving treat? Let me know in the comments below xo 


  • Amy

    Just ordered this sweater dress, can’t wait to wear it! Crossing my fingers it arrives for thanksgiving.

  • Marie

    Love this, and love what you have done with the site. Keep it up!

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