Today I am going to shift gears a little bit and incorporate something happening in fashion that has also become relevant to myself and my business. There has been a huge shift in the last few years, but specifically the last year, in regards to inclusive fashion. Inclusive fashion can be described as many things but to me it means making fashion that works for all different body types; tall women, short women, skinny women, curvy women etc, etc, etc. Brands creating collections that are inclusive and thoughtful of not just a basic standard for women's fashion but a higher standard that is inclusive and celebrates the beautiful differences that make all of us babes unique. 

I have to admit this was not something that I really thought about in-depth or concerned myself with until I started to see the movement among social media and look more closely at what this meant for the fashion industry as a whole (and really what it meant for my businesses as a whole). Having a clothing business I certainly see the struggles women face when it comes to how we look, and more importantly how we feel, in our clothing. We can be, without a doubt, our own worst critics. Many of us seem to have the innate ability to see our flaws without seeing our beauty . . . and ladies for the love of god this has to stop! We have to realize that our "flaws" aren't flaws they are unique qualities that make each of us different from the other. What is considered "beautiful" in the fashion world is finally changing, and changing for the better. We are seeing a diversity of women (and men) represented in the fashion industry. This, therefore, is allowing us to better envision ourselves represented within this industry. This shift is trickling down from the runways and making its way onto store shelves. Designers and brands are creating collections that look good on not just one type of body but all types. This change in fashion is also bringing a change in attitude which is what has really resinated with me over the last bit. This is a change that I am desperate to see among all women and desperate to live myself as well. 

The photos below were ones I was not going to post, not because the photography was not great but because I was struggling with the way my body looks in these photos (post baby, yikes). I did not look here how I wanted to, how I thought I should or how I thought I should represent myself and my brand. After having a baby people told me from day one how great I looked and of course the compliments were nice, but I one hundred percent did not feel anything like I used to and did not buy all the pleasantries people were feeding me. My body was different, my body had changed. For a little while it felt hard to accept this and even harder to see my new body as "beautiful." HOWEVER throughout the past few months I have been paying close attention to this change, to this monumental movement of body positivity. I'm not sure why but one day recently I came to the happy realization that my body was not the same, it was different, I just carried a human life inside me. I made a baby. A perfect little human. My body was not the same. It was better. It was stronger. It was mine to be proud of. I catch myself telling other women how amazing they look (and truly meaning it) while not doing the same for myself and that is something I am becoming more aware of every day (and hope I can change permanently not only in myself but in all of you as well!)

Supporting other women and realizing that we are not all competing against each other is liberating and in my opinion essential to 1) your sanity and 2) your success. Support each other emotionally, personally, physically, professionally, and in any other ways possible is a very empowering thing. We are all babes. - this is important to remember now and always. Do not compete against each other, work with each other to help create empires that empower and inspire. Work to inspire a new generation of women who appreciate themselves from the inside out. The fashion industry has the power to do this and I look forward to watching this flourish and hopefully contributing to it in even the smallest of ways.



"we are all babes" tee - Brunette the Label; Jacket - MINKPINK; Leggings - Bobi


Thanks for letting me veer a little of course today and share the importance of body positivity within the fashion industry and the world as a whole. CHEERS BABES!

Describe yourself in one (positive) way in the comments below xo 


P.S. If you are curious who and what inspired this rant by yours truly check out some of the best body positivity insta's that seriously know what is up . . . @luxuriousroxy - creator of the #mysizerox movement and an inspiring, Canadian babe; @brunettethelabel - one of our favourite brands run by a serious Canadian boss babe, supporting all the babes; @sassyredlipstick - love her fashion forward insta supporting women of all shapes and sizes . . . there are a million more I could name but these are a few of my current favs doing some AHmazing things for body positivity and all things women supporting women. 

P.S.S Stay tuned for a pretty cool announcement about a HUGE event I am going to be hosting on with one of my favourite boss babe's in Muskoka. We are going to make y'all see how B E A U tiful  you are! 


  • Julie

    Thank you so much for this message. It is easy to forget the things we love about ourselves. I love my freckles!

  • Traci McIlroy

    Amazing message! Thank you. This is a necessary shift for all women. As a mom of a 5 year old little girl, this is so so important. Be you and love you❤️

  • Christa

    My positive description of myself : Creative minded. Wonderful message! Thanks for sharing!

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