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Thanksgiving (dinner) attire

Turkey eating day is just around the corner and despite the fact I basically live in sweatsuits I've been told more than once this is not proper attire for the occasion. Something to do with offending the old folks? (kidding, but ...). ANYWAYS, I've found the perfect solution to those tight pant, holiday blahs, you can thank you later.  I know everyone jokes they have their "turkey eating" pants but wouldn't it be more comfortable to wear no pants at all? Yes, obviously is the correct answer to this question and I've finally found the solution (and honestly it is a no brainer). Knit sweater dresses are all the rage this season and the fact is they look adorable and...

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Pretty in Pink

Finally the fall colour blahs are over. Pink is in this season, in a big way, and I am loving it! Sure our black and grey basics are always in style during this seasonal change but aren't y'all getting bored of the same old, same old? I am. Fall this year is offering us a pretty revival to our basics; pink, pink and more pink. From jackets, to sweaters, even pants, pink is in. Muted tones of my favourite girly shade are big right now and this is definitely something I think everyone should take advantage of. My style this fall is taking a feminine turn to say the least. Now that I have been spending a bit more time...

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