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Winter (family) fashion

Recently my little family and I snapped a few pictures at one of our favourite spots (shout out to the JW Marriott - The Rosseau) and I have been getting messages about my favourite (cozy) winter looks ever since. My newest obsession is definitely teddy coats, I mean can you really go wrong with a giant, fuzzy coat that is not only warm and cozy but also looks adorable too? The answer is obviously no. As much as I hate to admit it winter has arrived (at least up here in Muskoka it has) so being prepared for the cold while still looking cute is key. Layering up with sweaters and coats is absolutely my go to. Take a look...

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Romp so hard

One of my favourite new, go to outfits is my Smash + Tess romper(s) - yes I have multiple. Basically the best loungewear ever that is also acceptable to wear out and about in public, especially if you know how to style them. This loungewear sensation has taken over the shop the last season and a half and honestly everyone who has one tells me they never want to take it off. The only question people ever have is how the heck do you style them to go on a date, go to dinner, go to work (etc) appropriately. I am happy to report there are SO many ways that these look like a "real" outfit, and a cute one...

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Today I am going to shift gears a little bit and incorporate something happening in fashion that has also become relevant to myself and my business. There has been a huge shift in the last few years, but specifically the last year, in regards to inclusive fashion. Inclusive fashion can be described as many things but to me it means making fashion that works for all different body types; tall women, short women, skinny women, curvy women etc, etc, etc. Brands creating collections that are inclusive and thoughtful of not just a basic standard for women's fashion but a higher standard that is inclusive and celebrates the beautiful differences that make all of us babes unique.  I have to admit...

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PLAID . . . ain't so bad

If you live in Muskoka red and black plaid isn't just a fall style it is a fall staple. The "Muskoka dinner jacket" as many refer to it as, is iconic here, but I have often found myself getting bored with the basics. Every. single. year. we see the traditional button-up plaids hit the shelves and honestly this year I felt like it was time for a switch (anyone else??). Don't get me wrong I have just as many as the next cottage gal but this season I was on the hunt for something just a little bit different and I am happy to report I found it (and not just one it!). In the shop right now we have...

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Thanksgiving (dinner) attire

Turkey eating day is just around the corner and despite the fact I basically live in sweatsuits I've been told more than once this is not proper attire for the occasion. Something to do with offending the old folks? (kidding, but ...). ANYWAYS, I've found the perfect solution to those tight pant, holiday blahs, you can thank you later.  I know everyone jokes they have their "turkey eating" pants but wouldn't it be more comfortable to wear no pants at all? Yes, obviously is the correct answer to this question and I've finally found the solution (and honestly it is a no brainer). Knit sweater dresses are all the rage this season and the fact is they look adorable and...

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